CING -Bioinformatics Group Servers

About C-BIG Servers

CING -Bioinformatics Group Servers is a web service that provides a diverse set of computational pipelines in the context of Systems Bioinformatics approach: a relatively new approach, which lies in the intersection of systems biology and classical Bioinformatics.

The mission of the Group is to function as a hub of excellence in the areas of applied bioinformatics to early diagnosis, effective prognosis and drug discovery contributing to the concepts of Preventive, Personalized and Precise Medicine.

Pathway Connector

A web-tool that provides an easy way for rapidly relating pathways together


ProtExA is a web tool for post-processing of protein and gene expression datasets


PathExNET creates pathway expression networks form gene-expression statistics


VarClass classifies variants of unknown significance for specific disease


A Web Tool for ranking candidate drugs, combining functional and structural criteria

These tools are part of previous works of the Bioinformatics ERA Chair


D-Map is a web tool for single and multiple network analysis and visualization of Gene Expression data. The tool uses a series of clustering algorithms for the creation and visualization of super networks.


ZoomOut is a tool for single and multiple network analysis and visualization, providing the user with the capability of clustering networks and visualizing them as a super network.


The MelGene database provides a comprehensive and regularly updated field synopsis and meta-analysis of all published genetic association studies performed in Cutaneous Melanoma (CM).

Assistive Technologies in Bioinformatics Group

Paralysis is the loss of voluntary mobility, which is usually the result of a neurological disease or brain injury. We have installed an eye-control system at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING) and we aim to build a pool of personalized communication grids for our patients in order to facilitate what we call personalized assistance.

Among our plans is to create a web-based repository where we will be able to publish the grids that will be developed.


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