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    Brief Information about the Workspace Section

    In this section, users are able upload data to Workspace.
    In order to generate statistical networks, four type of files should be uploaded to server.
    - Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) Series (GSE) in �.txt� format that contain information about the genes� intensities on a series of microarray experiments.
    - GEO Platform (GPL) annotation file in �.txt� or �.annot� format that contains information about the platform (probe ids and the corresponding genes).
    - Class labels file in �.txt� format that contains information about the class (i.e. benign assigned with 0 and malignant assigned with 1) of each experiment.
    - Seed Genes file in �.txt� format that contains information about the initial seed genes (Genes of interest).

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    GEO Series (GSE)
    GEO Platform (GPL)
    Class labels
    Seed Genes
    more information on Gene Expression Omnibus.

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