CM : Cutaneous Melanoma.

NA : no data provided, or published OR (Odds Ratio) used, or in case of overlap, data included in original study.

Source : "CL" (clinic-based), "PO" (population-based), "NHS" (Nurses Health Study), "HPFS" (Health Professionals Follow-up Study).

Design : "CC" (case-control), "FBAT" (Family-Based Study).

Association with Melanoma: Overall conclusion reached by authors of the original publication ("P" indicates significant (P < 0.05) association in at least one of the performed analyses, and "NS" indicates non - significant association); results obtained in duplicate or largely overlapping samples are listed as "NA".

Genotypes in cases and controls

M/M: Major / Major

M/m: Major / minor

m/m: minor / minor

Top Melgene Results

Gene 1: CLPTM1L

Gene 2: TYRP1

Gene 3: MTAP

Gene 4: CDKN2A

Gene 5: OCA2

Gene 6: MYH7B

Gene 7: SLC45A2

Gene 8: PLA2G6

Gene 9: MX2

Gene 10: VDR

Gene 11: FTO

Gene 12: CCND1

Gene 13: MITF

Gene 14: TYR

Gene 15: CDK10

Gene 16: AFG3L1

Gene 17: XPG

Gene 18: ATM

Gene 19: CASP8

Gene 20: PARP1

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