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rs28777SLC45A2 5p13.2Duffy, J Invest Dermatol, 2010
rs16891982 (Phe374Leu, F374L)SLC45A2 5p13.2Duffy, J Invest Dermatol, 2010
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rs26722 (c.814G>A, Glu272Lys)SLC45A2 5p13.2Nan, Int J Cancer, 2009
rs16891982 (Phe374Leu, F374L)SLC45A2 5p13.2Nan, Int J Cancer, 2009
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rs16891982 (Phe374Leu, F374L)SLC45A2 5p13.2Fernandez, Hum Mutat, 2008
rs42868SLC45A2 5p13.2Fernandez, Hum Mutat, 2008
rs35401SLC45A2 5p13.2Fernandez, Hum Mutat, 2008
rs35414SLC45A2 5p13.2Fernandez, Hum Mutat, 2008
rs35388SLC45A2 5p13.2Fernandez, Hum Mutat, 2008
rs6453373 (V585E)ADTB3A 5q14.1Fernandez, Exp Dermatol, 2009
rs1966265 (Val10IIe)FGFR4 5q35.2Nan, BMC Cancer, 2009
rs376618 (Leu136Pro)FGFR4 5q35.2Nan, BMC Cancer, 2009
rs351855 (Gly388Arg)FGFR4 5q35.2Nan, BMC Cancer, 2009
rs2243248 (-1098T/G, promoter)IL4 5q31.1Gu, Melanoma Res, 2008
rs2070874 (+338C/T, 5' UTR)IL4 5q31.1Gu, Melanoma Res, 2008
rs2243250 (- 590 C/T)IL4 5q31.1Howell, Eur J Immunogenet, 2003
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rs6894498GWA_rs68944985q15Bishop, Nat Genet, 2009
rs871775GLRX5q15Bishop, Nat Genet, 2009
rs35268 XRCC4 5q14.2Zhang, DNA repair, 2010
rs2853676TERT5p15.33Nan, Hum Genet, 2011
rs2242652TERT5p15.33Nan, Hum Genet, 2011
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The chromosome graphics
are used after
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from the Map Viewer,
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